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University of Arizona

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The Storytelling Lab is the research lab of Dr. Jamie A. Lee, who brings together inquiry around Archives, Bodies, Technology, and Storytelling. Attending to individual and collective memory, the stories we tell define how we know and what we know. Through critical archival studies and a closer look at the role our bodies play in remembering and forgetting, the Storytelling Lab considers how our living histories connect us to each other, the places we know and call home, and across generations. Using analog and digital technologies to document our lives, we are able to communicate our archival, digital storytelling, and oral history research to a broader public as engaged research and, importantly, as a vehicle for social justice. The Storytelling Lab does this by providing scholars and community members with hands-on training in critical media skills as well as in a diverse set of research methods to include participatory and feminist action research methods and those community-based methods that emerge through decolonizing methodologies.