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University of Arizona

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  /  Tracey Osborne, PhD

Tracey Osborne, PhD

Associate Professor & Endowed Presidential Chair, Management of Complex Systems Department and the Management of Innovation, Sustainability and Technology (MIST) Program at University of California at Merced

Lead & Co-PI, Climate Alliance Mapping Project, CAMP

Her research focuses on the social and political economic dimensions of climate change mitigation in tropical forests and the role of Indigenous Peoples, the politics of climate finance (with particular emphasis on carbon markets), global environmental governance, and climate equity and justice. She has worked on these issues globally with extensive field experience in Mexico and the Amazon (Peru, Ecuador and Guyana).

She leads the Climate Alliance Mapping Project, CAMP, along with Jamie A. Lee, a collaborative effort among academics, environmental non-governmental organizations, and Indigenous organizations working for a socially-just response to climate change through research, maps and digital stories. The mapping project is an initiative of the Public Political Ecology Lab to support engaged scholarship by communicating environmental research to broader publics. She participates in several multi-investigator, interdisciplinary research programs with scholars from institutions across the US and globally. Her work has been published in high-impact geography, social science and interdisciplinary journals, and she has been invited to share her research internationally in academic and non-academic venues such as Conference of the Parties climate change meetings. She received her PhD from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley.