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University of Arizona

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  /  Tracey Osborne, PhD

Tracey Osborne, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Geography & Development, University of Arizona

Co-PI, Climate Alliance Mapping Project, CAMP

My research is broadly concerned with the commodification of nature through environmental markets. More specifically, I draw on political ecology, agrarian studies and critical development to investigate the ways in which carbon markets and payments for environmental services intersect with resource access, forest governance and livelihoods in forest communities of Mexico and the Amazon.  More recently I have been working collaboratively on a story map project called the Climate Alliance Mapping Project, which identifies priority areas for keeping fossil fuels underground across the Americas. The mapping project is an initiative of the Public Political Ecology Lab, which I direct to support engaged scholarship by communicating environmental research to a broader public. I have worked throughout Latin America, most extensively in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Guyana.