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University of Arizona

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Climate Justice Digital Storytelling Workshops

Drawing on the principles of social justice media, the Climate Justice Digital Storytelling Workshops are hands-on opportunities for communities to come together to share stories and experiences related to climate change while also learning video production and interviewing skills that they can take back into their home communities. Coming together as a community of storytellers opens up important dialog about what home communities are doing in their everyday to combat climate change. Centering the ideas of Climate Justice, workshops are intended to link the project to global equality, human rights, and historical responsibility to achieve a human-centered approach, safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable people and sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change and its impacts equitably and fairly (Mary Robinson Foundation).


Jamie A. Lee, PhD; Tracey Osborne, PhD; Joanna Sanchez-Avila; Iva Skobic


Haury Program for the Environment & Social Justice


aguamiel: secrets of the agave documentary film; Climate Alliance Mapping Project