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University of Arizona

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Digital Storytelling & Oral History Lab

The Digital Storytelling and Oral History (DS|OH) Lab communicates digital storytelling and oral history research to a broader public as engaged research and, importantly, as a vehicle for social justice. DS|OH Lab does this by providing scholars and community members with hands-on training in critical media skills as well as in a diverse set of research methods to include participatory and feminist action research methods and those community-based methods that emerge through decolonizing methodologies.

Mission:  The Digital Storytelling & Oral History, DS|OH Lab, draws from the principles of social justice media—media that is interested in social change and is produced as a gesture of solidarity with community members, and as a way to disseminate the tools and practices of media production, lived insights, and commitments to social justice and the powerful potential in storytelling. Including both graduate and undergraduate researchers, the DS|OH Lab aims to create a teaching/learning space for digital media production that critically engages storytelling as method with implications for the emergence of multiple histories as complex and often contradictory.

Description:  DS|OH Lab provides a forum for participants to present their work and especially their collaborative processes in community engagement; project development; digital storytelling and oral history production; digital humanities and online project presentations; as well as archival organization and preservation. With access to technologies from the School of Information and across the UA campus, DS|OH Lab offers graduate and undergraduate students interested in implementing qualitative and visual research methods as part of their research for their theses or dissertations the foundational storytelling expertise that will guide them through processes that have a more direct social, cultural, historical, and technological influence in their specific disciplinary areas. DS|OH Lab connects the academy to researchers, community groups, and those who are seeking critically engaged digital storytelling and oral history training and production support.

Collaboration. Connection and access. Shared production of knowledge.

DS|OH Lab is designed to harness the power of people and ideas to connect communities with technologies to creatively apply storytelling as method within critical projects incorporating digital storytelling and oral history production.


Participants include:

Diana Daly, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona’s iSchool

Denise Moreno Ramírez, PhD

Joanna Sanchez-Avila

Anushka Peres, PhD


Jamie A. Lee, PhD, Director